Small Group, Full Day Intensive​

Eric will facilitate a collaborative, small group setting, as each person works towards the common goal of creating an actionable plan for growth. You will be exploring challenges and opportunities for many aspects of your business with like-minded individuals. Expect a fun, interactive, intimate, and productive session!


Limited to 5 people per session.

Each person’s goals and objectives will be met in a collaborative format. The potential topics listed below are similar to the 1-1, Full Day Intensive, with a caveat that there will be limitations on the depth of personalization for each individual.

  • Prioritizing short, medium & long term goals, with a clear path on how to make them achievable.
  • Clarity with your personal brand and value proposition and how it affects your in person and online messaging. 
  • SWOT analysis identifying missed/untapped opportunities.  We get so wrapped up in our business we often miss obvious growth opportunities.  
  • Marketing Plan: Looking at all aspects of the marketing funnel and identifying untapped opportunities.
  • Better Business: Buyer and seller roleplay to maximize your close percentage, referrals, and customer loyalty. Explore real world scenarios with your peers.
  • Scale/Leverage/Efficient Team Building: Building the right system and making the right hires to maximize growth.
  • Operational Efficiencies and Financial Management.
  • Time: Your most valuable asset and techniques for using it wisely.
  • Business Development: Making it rain on a consistent basis with the type of business and clients you desire.

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