1-on-1, Full Day Intensive​

1-on-1, Full Day Intensive​

Imagine bringing in your car to the mechanic, no matter the condition, and walking out with Version 3.0? This is what to expect from a full day intensive with Eric. From Macro to Micro, each aspect of your business will be analyzed and then optimized, leaving you with a detailed action plan to take your business to its next level of growth. 

$2750/Full Day

Sample Agenda

This is not a one size fits all workshop. Based upon your initial session with Eric, an agenda will be customized to fit your specific needs and goals.  But remember, this is YOUR day, so we will go as deep as you like on a particular subject matter.  Sample topics may include: 

  • Prioritizing short, medium & long term goals, with a clear path on how to make them achievable.
  • An analysis of your personal “Why?” This will be the foundation for every aspect of how you operate your business.  
  • Brand clarity, in person and online messaging, and defining your ideal target audience.  This will culminate with the creation of 1-2 avatars.   
  • SWOT analysis with a deep dive into missed/untapped opportunities.  We get so wrapped up in our business we often miss obvious growth opportunities.  
  • Marketing Plan: Creating a customized solution.
  • Better Business: Buyer and seller roleplay to maximize your close percentage, referrals, and customer loyalty.
  • Scale/Leverage/Efficient Team Building: Building the right system and making the right hires to maximize growth.  
  • Operational Efficiencies and Financial Management.
  • Business Development: Making it rain on a consistent basis with the type of business and clients you desire.
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